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If ever we could think of a better lead in to this Ask the Expert feature, this might well be it. The questions we are asked are as varied and individual as each person who calls, emails or drops into our offices. Mortgages are the real world.

We would like to pose a question about what we mean by the above and also make a comment about how the example below, relates to our experiences and shaped our business philosophy.

The question clients think about but don’t often come out and ask is, What a Mortgage Broker not a Bank? This may best be illustrated by an example. People come in and tell me their bank won’t finance their mortgage. They don’t seem to know why, however we try to explain the reason or reasons.

All banks have their own policies and procedures. Sometimes the customer’s background does not match the banks desired profile. When they see us, the client finds out we act for many lenders, some of which often have no problem with this person’s situation. Success often results. We have multiple lenders allowing us to have a better chance of matching the client to a product that works.

It is these experiences that have formed our philosophy. When I started in the business I realized how little I knew. My bank never educated me. I swore from the beginning I would endeavor to match you to the best lender and have you leave better educated then when you arrived.

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