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Dreaming of being in your very own home this summer? Maybe it’s not as far away as you think. In fact, you might be just ten steps away to home ownership! Read more →

6 Reasons to get Unlimited Private Lessons with a Pro!

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If that was a poster at the golf course with the word FREE, you’d be signing up, right? Well, this is better. When you work with us, you get unlimited private lessons and invaluable mortgage advice that can make a significant difference in your financial life.  Here are 6 reasons why –

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tax-time advantage

Never Miss Great Tax Time Freebies!

Here are two tax time advantages available for upcoming first-time buyers and those who took the plunge in 2014. Read more →

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Smart First time home buyers are going to brokers

You’ve got to hand it to this younger generation. They’re internet-savvy, they do their homework, they ask questions, they look for choices… and they’re not inclined to let anyone “own” them or their business. First time home buyers are a joy to work with. Read more →